10-mile Xtreme

It is less than 48 hours until race day.  I will be running the Waterfall Glen Extreme 10 this Saturday.  I decided to pick up my race packet early at the athletic store that is sponsoring the race.  I arrived at the store a few minutes before the designated time and the race directors were not at the store. After waiting around for almost 30 minutes the crew finally arrived.  At this point there were about 40 people waiting to get their race packets.  Luckily I was only the 3rd person in line, so no harm done.  Others were not as forgiving.

At home when I got the chance to look through my race bag I pulled out the “free” tank top. Bright orange?  Really?  Who picks the colors for these shirts?  Then I tried it on and it was huge.  I checked the tag because I was certain that they gave me the wrong bag with a different sized t-shirt.  Nope, it was a size small.   I’m bummed that I am left with a tank that I won’t be able to use.  I love when the race swag becomes one of my favorite workout pieces.  No such luck with this one.  I did, however, suddenly have the need to run this race in a purple racer back tank top.  I bought two different purple tanks and I’ll decide which one to wear the morning of the race.  I’m so crazy I know.

This race will be my 2nd 10-mile race.  I am hoping to beat my last time, which was 1 hour and 44 minutes.  The last 10-mile race I did in May was the first race I have ever run in the heat and humidity.  Since then I have been training in the heat and humidity because there’s no other choice when you live in the Midwest.  I ‘m hoping my time will reflect all my hard work.

The race is at the same forest preserve trail where I do my weekly long runs.  The main trail is about a 10 mile loop, so it’s nice not have to do a million laps to get the mileage I need.  I like that I am familiar with the trail and its landmarks. I feel prepared and I’m raring to go.

Wish me luck…

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4 Responses to 10-mile Xtreme

  1. Melisa says:

    Did you beat your time of 1:44? Hope you enjoyed yourself!

  2. Allan Welch says:

    I’m with you on the tank top-it’s double layered-seems like and odd combo-and very long (too long)

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