A Starved Rock Run

This is where there was a water drip (no falls)

Some find it stressful or hard to find time to fit in a run while out-of-town.  I, however, look forward to running where I’ve never been before.  Uncharted territory makes my runs more interesting and enjoyable.  I never know where I will end up or what sights I might see.

St. Louis Canyon Bridge

This past weekend our family went to Utica, Illinois to meet up for a family reunion.  Utica is home to Starved Rock State Park. After looking at the website for the state park I was super intrigued to explore the trails, canyons and maybe see a waterfall.

On Saturday morning I set out for a run in the beautiful sunny weather. Right across the street from our resort was the St. Louis Canyon.  It was a short distance to run in order to find this beautiful spot.  I ran up and down stairs, over bridges and even alongside some cliffs.  Even though it was a short run and I stopped in the middle to marvel at the beauty of the canyon, it was well worth it. Out to the canyon and back to the resort was 2.5 miles total.

Sun shining through the trees

The only thing that was disappointing about this run was that we were not staying longer. I would have liked to explore the park and its trails, canyons and waterfalls a few more times.

Where have your travels brought you on a run?

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2 Responses to A Starved Rock Run

  1. jessica says:

    When I was training for the marathon, I was also traveling a lot for work — my training runs were done mostly in Minneapolis, but also in Hayward, WI, Chicago, NYC, Los Angeles, and San Francisco — it was THE BEST. I had one of those Garmin Forerunners so I never had to pre-map my mileage, I’d just take off and explore on foot, and knew I could always grab a cab back (well, except in Hayward!), if I ran out of steam. Those are some of my favorite memories of all time. I did a 12 mile training run all along The Strand in LA, starting in Marina del Rey and ending up in Santa Monica (passing through Hermosa, Venice Beach, Manhattan Beach and others along the way). Very magical time in my life.

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