Some Changes

I am a teacher and this week I am back at work and that in combination with having two small children makes it difficult to schedule my workouts. I have only been back to work for 2 days and I can already tell I will have to make some changes to my routine.

My husband works in the evenings so I will be unable to leave my house then. I have 2 choices. 1. I can get up at 5:30 am and run in my neighborhood or 2. I can wait until the kids are in bed at night and run on the treadmill. Each option has its pros and cons. For instance, getting up early in the morning sucks big time, but running on the treadmill isn’t that great either. If I can train myself to get up early then I will pick that option, because sometimes my daughters are calling me in and out of their rooms for an hour or so after their freakin’ bedtimes. Sometimes it’s not until 8 or 8:30 pm that I can actually step foot on the treadmill. For this reason I may have to commit to the early mornings because there is more of a guarantee that I’ll be able to fit in my workout being disturbed and I also have the option to run outside if I choose.

I also have a membership to a gym where I do boot camp classes that I love. This place is great because they have classes every 45 minutes from 4:45 am through 7:15 pm except for a break in the middle of the day after lunch. I don’t imagine I’ll go to the am classes since I’d have to factor in transportation time to and from the gym. I pay for 2 days a week and that means I will fit my 2 boot camp classes in each week. I am lucky to have an awesome friend/neighbor who lives 2 doors down who is helping us out by watching our girls one day a week and she agreed to keep them for an extra hour so that I can go to boot camp. In return I will watch her children on another day so that she can go to her boot camp class. This arrangement couldn’t be more convenient. Everyone should be so lucky to have an awesome friend like I do. My second boot camp day will be on the one evening a week that my husband does not work. I prefer to do these classes in the evening too because I think the trainer who runs these classes has more challenging circuits than the one who runs the morning classes.

It’s nice to have a plan for how I will manage my workouts now that I am back at work and my kids are back at school. I hope there are no glitches and I can get my ass out of bed early. The alarm is set.

How to do manage to fit in your workouts when routines change?

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8 Responses to Some Changes

  1. jess says:

    I’m still kinda trying to figure this out for the phase of life I’m in right now, but as a general rule, morning workouts are the best for me — hard to get moving, but then you’re DONE. I once had a really random conversation in the locker room with an older woman and she said “Well, as my mom always said, you always have time for the first thing you do everyday,” and that is sort of my mantra when I need a little extra motivation.

  2. I just stopped working full time a few weeks ago due to an upcoming move. It was super hard to find balance while working. My favorites were the jog stroller just after we got home (biggest obstacle: weather) and Zumba on PS3 (biggest obstacle: early mornings or late nights) or Insanity (biggest obstacle: insanity). Now that I am SAHM I’ve put my workouts first (going for a jog with the stroller first thing or getting in a workout before any house work gets done during naptimes), getting back into jogging and getting my body back. Thanks for sharing!

  3. jfoyohealth says:

    I totally hear you. Change isn’t always what we want but hey it spices things up a bit. I either wake up early for a quick half hour workout, If I “over sleep” I either run on my lunch hour or do a half hour workout once the kiddies are laying down. I try not to over think it anymore, because when I did I drove myself a little nuts

    • I only get 30 minutes for lunch. It is impossible to get out for a run in that amount of time. You better believe if I had an entire hour I’d be out there running my ass off every day! What a good use of time.

  4. jfoyohealth says:

    totally off topic how did you get your facebook and twitter follow and like plugins? I can’t get mine running. Totally missed writing my blog tonight because I was searching the internet.

    • There is a plugin choice in the dashboard. I followed the prompts there. Sorry I can’t give you more details. I am on my iPad now. I do find that the press help section is very helpful too.

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