Garmin Adventures

When my husband told me to go ahead and buy myself a Garmin I was ecstatic.  Not because he was cool with me spending over $400 in one shot, but because he qualified the purchase by declaring that he believes that I am really serious about running.  Those of you who are beginner runners know that it takes some time to actually get to the point where you believe that you really are a runner.  Even though I’m racking up 20 plus miles a week I still find it hard believe that in all actuality I am a real runner. For me, getting this Garmin was more than a purchase.  It was a declaration to myself that I am in fact a runner.

After doing a ton of research online, polling fellow runners on Twitter and asking my real life running buddies I decided on the Garmin Forerunner 610.  It probably has more bells and whistles than I need, but I couldn’t pass up its wireless syncing and touch screen attributes.  I’m a super nerd when it comes technology.

Of course I stalked the UPS tracking waiting for it to arrive.  Once it came I had to get my children in bed so I could unseal the package and dive in.  It was a slight disappointment when I learned it was suggested I charge the watch before using the watch for the first time.  It took a couple of hours for it to reach 100% battery.  I imagine I could have gone ahead and set things up on the 45% battery, but I followed the directions and charged it fully. By this time I was ready for bed and decided to wait until the morning to figure things out.

I took my fully charged Garmin to work with the intention of playing around with the touch screen and figuring out the menus whenever I had a spare moment.  It only took me a short while to figure out how to use the watch on a run.  It’s very user friendly.  Anything that I may have found a little confusing was easily cleared up after reading the quick start guide that came in the box.

After work that day I took my shiny new Garmin on a run.  I really liked how I could see my pace at any time during my run.  I had been using MapMyRun via my iPhone and the app only lets me know my average pace at each mile.  I like knowing my actual pace not an average.  I set the watch to tell me the actual pace of each mile by setting it to lap after each mile.  I saw a video tutorial online that said setting the watch this way also yields more accurate pace data on longer runs.

After getting familiar with using the watch on a run I now had to figure out how to connect it to my computer.  I followed the directions in the quick start guide and I eventually got the USB stick to work, but I am not really sure how I accomplished it.  I followed all the directions at by setting up an account and downloading the correct applications, but I felt that the process was a little scattered and disorganized.  I would never be able to go back and explain how I eventually got everything to work.

I had heard from other Garmin users that the software that they offer to track your data is not awesome.  Therefore, I chose to continue to use MapMyRun’s web based software to keep track of my data.  I already had an account set up and all my past workouts were already recorded there, so it was transition-less.  Once I had everything set up on my computer to recognize my Garmin, importing the data to MayMyRun was as easy as one click.

Since I started using my Garmin I have been on 3 runs.  I am pretty sure that I got the hang of things.  I know that I am going to love seeing my running stats.  I’m a sucker for organized data and spreadsheets afterall.  My next task is to fiddle with the heart rate monitor and foot pod.  I didn’t mention that I got all the accessories too?

Do you have a Garmin or other running watch?  How do you like?

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3 Responses to Garmin Adventures

  1. jfoyohealth says:

    Isn’t that an awesome feeling to have the support like that?!? It sounds like you were a kid on Christmas morning. UPS being Santa..LOL… I hope you enjoy your “new toy” . I use the Nike Running App on my iPhone. I love it. Enjoy!

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  3. So far so good. I love it!

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