Anticipating My Race-iversary

Last year in October I ran my first race ever.  It was the Morton Arboretum Fall Color 5K.  I will be running this same race this Sunday to commemorate my one year race-iversary.

In many ways I know that I have come a long way since then and I hope to solidify my accomplishments by running this race again.

For one thing I had no clue about proper running attire.  I dressed in long yoga pants that flapped at my ankles while I ran.  I also had on two cotton, yes cotton my friends, one short sleeve and one long sleeve shirt under a hooded fleece jacket. I had to fumble around trying to tie this fleece jacket around my waist about a half a mile into the race.  Oh, and my shoes people they were “athletic” shoes from Kohls which I now know offered no support.

I was also clueless about the existance of helpful running gadgets.  For example, I held my iPhone while I ran and I let the long headphone cord flop all over the place while I ran. I also had a horrible pair of ear buds that would slowly make their way out of my ears and I  constantly had to push them back in.

Needless to say since then I have spent a lot of time online researching and spending an unknown amount of money getting myself all pimped out for running.  This year I plan to not only beat my time, but to look a little more experienced while doing it.  Hell, I had to Google “how to pin on a race bib” the day before the race.  I was THAT clueless.

I believe my time last year was 32:02.  Since then I have ran several 5Ks and my current PR is 26:11.  I plan to run my fastest 5K ever Sunday, but I also plan to enjoy this moment in my running journey and reminisce about all the joy and pain that got me here.

Do you celebrate your race-iversaries?

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5 Responses to Anticipating My Race-iversary

  1. Oh my God, I love this, especially the running attire bit. Happy Runaversary. So glad you are a part of our pack!

  2. starrymom says:

    AH! Now you need to write a post about proper attire. Because uhh I’m pretty much doing what you did last year… minus the whole running part.

  3. Lena says:

    Damn girl, you’re fast! I need to work to catch up to you! HA!
    I can’t wait to hear about your race-iversary! I know you are going to do so well and have an awesome picture too! 🙂

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