Another Mother Runner House Party

Last week I went to a house party hosted by Sarah Shea Bowen and Dimity McDowell the author’s of the books Run Like a Mother and Train Like a Mother. I was so excited to meet these two ladies because their books have truly inspired me.  I started running after I had both my children so I have never been anything but a mother runner.  After reading their books I started to stalk follow them on Twitter and Facebook; I was an instant fangirl.  If you’ve never read their books you should get a copy now because I can guarantee that you’ll love how they humorously yet realistically approach the subject of being a mother runner.

I was nervous and uncomfortable at the beginning of the party because I was at a stranger’s house by myself without any friends in tow to back me up.  I arrived a bit early so I was able to introduce myself to Dimity and promptly put my name in the raffle jar.  After more people arrived I grabbed some food and drink and started making small talk with some other mother runners.  This part was uncomfortable for me because I hate making small talk with people who I will most likely never see again, but I managed to get through it.

Being at the party made me feel like I was on a reality TV show like the Bachelor.  All I wanted to do was chat with the stars of the show, but I managed to get stuck in the corner of a stranger’s kitchen while it seemed like everyone else got to chat with Sarah and Dimity.  Eventually I got up the nerve to speak with Dimity and tell her about how I just recently completed my first half marathon.  I also awkwardly asked for a picture and this was the result.

Eventually we were asked to convene in the living room while Sarah and Dimity gave their presentation.  Check out the Another Mother Runner podcast if you want to hear what one of these house parties is really like.  After reading some hilarious excerpts from their recent book Train Like a Mother they raffled off a plethora of running related items such as shoes, insoles, headphones, sports bras & athletic clothing.  Now imagine all of that cool stuff getting raffled off and winning Body Glide.  Yes, that me, the Body Glide winner.  Now don’t get me wrong I’ll use the Body Glide, but come on universe I really wanted the new pair of running shoes.

After Sarah and Dimity gave their talk we were encouraged to take the swag bag full of lots of great freebies and coupons.  They also had all of there merchandise on display for purchase. I bought a couple of pretty cool t-shirts (“I run things.” & “It’s all good.  I ran today.”) since there was no shipping cost holding me back.  When I purchased the t-shirts from Sarah I was able to chat with her a little bit and ask her about her upcoming Great Lakes Zooma expo and race.  And I didn’t forget to awkwardly request a picture with her either.

I was an added bonus to come home with some swag and a couple of cool t-shirts but I was super excited to meet two really cool women who inspired me along with tons of other mother runners.  Thank you Sarah and Dimity for making yourself accessible to fangirls, like me.

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3 Responses to Another Mother Runner House Party

  1. kilax says:

    So cool that you got to go to this! I met both these ladies last week at ZOOMA. They seem so so sweet. I had to buy a shirt for a friend, too 🙂 LOL.

  2. Sounds like fun, even if you were the Body Glide winner! 😉 I’m jealous, I enjoy Dimity & Sarah’s work!

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