Naperville Turkey Trot: Race Recap

A few weeks ago my friend mentioned that she had signed up for the Naperville Turkey Trot 5K so I decided to join her.  It’s easy to convince me to sign up for races.  Apparently someone just has to mention a race and within seconds I’m at the computer with my credit card ready and waiting.

My friend picked me up early and we headed to the race.  We got there early enough that we were able to easily park so we stayed in the car for a bit and chatted. Eventually we walked to the high school where the race began.  There was plenty of space in the hallway and cafeteria to hang out so we didn’t have to stand outside in the cold.  We walked the halls for a bit and used the bathroom.  There were port-a-potties outside but it was nice that they were not our only option.

Pre race photo

15 minutes before the race we lined up at the start.  I hate having to jut in and out of other runners at the beginning of a race, so we lined up near the 6:30 min/mile sign.  I took off my throwaway sweater and tied it to a sign pole hoping that it would be where I left it when I crossed the finish line.  The horn went off, I started my music and had my finger ready on my Garmin.

It didn’t feel like it, but I think my first mile was the fastest mile I have ever recorded running.  At mile two my friend/coworker tapped me on the shoulder and sped past me.  I know she is a fastie so I just said, “Go, go, go!” and sent her on her way.  Mile two and three were a few seconds slower than my first, but I was on track to set a PR.  Once I was a quarter mile from the finish line I sprinted as fast as I could.  However, someone’s phone flew out in front of me like a hockey puck so I stopped quickly to pick it up.  Then I crossed the finish line holding up the phone yelling, “Whose phone?”  I gave the phone back to the owner and all was good. Here’s to being thankful that didn’t happen to my phone!

I checked my Garmin and it said 24:32 (official time 24:31); something else to be thankful for, a new PR.  I found my friend after she crossed the finish line a couple minutes later.  We grabbed some water and a banana then snapped a picture with another friend.  A few minutes later I was lucky to run into another running club friend and took a few pictures for her.  For a race with approximately 7500 runners I was blessed to have seen all the people I knew who were there.  Oh and I don’t want to forget to mention that my hoodie was still safely tied to the sign pole where I let it!

My race experience was great.  The route wasn’t very scenic but we found parking easily, there were clean indoor bathrooms, standard post race fuel (pancakes too) and  a place to loiter indoors.  All in all I am happy with my frist Thanksgiving day race.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Did you run a Thanksgiving Day race?  Do you have one coming up this weekend?

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4 Responses to Naperville Turkey Trot: Race Recap

  1. Congrats in your PR! So exciting! I was there too and lined up right between the 6:00 & 7:00 minute pacing too so I could avoid going out too fast. It was a fun day and there were so many people! I remember doing this race back in the early 2000’s when it started at north central college and was tiny.

    I probably walked right past you and didn’t even notice. Congrats again!

  2. kilax says:

    Congrats on your new PR! And so crazy about the phone at the finish!

    I did a turkey trot yesterday and lined up more toward the front than I normally would because of crowds.

  3. Maggie says:

    Congrats on your PR! Thanksgiving day races seem to attract a lot of people who don’t normally do races and understand race etiquette, so lining up closer to the front that usual was probably a good idea. I didn’t race on Thanksgiving, but I’m racing on Saturday (tomorrow).

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