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Cross Training Boot Camp Style

Last year around this time my friend posted on Facebook that she was at boot camp.  I noticed the boot camp she was at was less than 3 miles from where I live.  This prompted me to ask her all … Continue reading

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I’m Addicted to Sugar

My name is Anne and I am addicted to sugar.  I feel the need to consume some sort of sweet treat after each meal.  Sometimes the sweet treat is my meal.  For example, I’ll make a banana, zucchini or pumpkin … Continue reading

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2013 Running Goals

Recently on Twitter I’ve been reading about how people are currently planning out their 2013 race schedules.  Already?  I’m fairly new to the running scene and apparently I spent the last year signing up for races haphazardly.   Last year the … Continue reading

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A New Running Mate

My friend brought her awesome German Shepherd, Szarik with us the last couple of times we went running.  The first day she brought him out he had begged to come with, so she leashed him up and he joined us.  … Continue reading

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