A New Running Mate

IMG_2547My friend brought her awesome German Shepherd, Szarik with us the last couple of times we went running.  The first day she brought him out he had begged to come with, so she leashed him up and he joined us.  It was nice to have some protection while running along our usual dark foliage covered path.  While we were running our usual pace Szarik looked as if he was just leisurely walking along side of us.  I could hear him thinking “Hey ladies, can’t you go any faster?  It’s cold out here.”

On the second day my friend said that Szarik didn’t want to join us, but she leashed him up any way.  I just told him, “Szarik we all have days we feel like staying in bed.  But you will find that it’s definitely worth being out here once you’ve finished.”  Good advice for any runner really.  Now I wonder if he didn’t want to come with because we wore him out or because he thought we were so slow that it wasn’t worth his time.

I hope you keep running with us boy.

Do you bring your dog along on runs?

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4 Responses to A New Running Mate

  1. RunToInspire says:

    he’s gorgeous!!! I want a puppy so bad :/

  2. Army Amy says:

    1st of all – what a cool dog’s name! 2nd of all – I definitely run with my dog. We’ve taken our time working up the mileage, and he can now run up to 4 miles. He’d like to run more, but I worry about him getting dehydrated or overtired.*

    • Anne says:

      I’ll tell my friend you love her dog’s name! I’ve only run ~4 mikes w this boy, but I bet he can do more. I know people who bring foldable water dishes for their dogs while on longer runs.

  3. Chris says:

    Funny I read this today. I have run about 350 miles and all but 12 of them (race milage) have been run with my 4 year old Boykin Spaniel named “King”. This morning, a cold morning in SC, my dog slept in! It was strange without him!

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