Running on Vacation

Before going on our trip to Disney I was determined to stay as close to my workout routine as possible while on vacation.  The morning that we were leaving I got up early to squeeze in a 4 mile run.  I couldn’t imagine sitting on an airplane and then a bus and not having the chance to really move all day.  Mentally I needed to get in a good workout before confining myself to an entire day of travel.

IMG_5328Before the trip I also asked Twitter about running paths around Disney.  I was sent here.  I realize I could have checked the Disney website myself, but isn’t Twitter the new Google?  I found that there was a running path one mile long connected to the Grand Floridian where we were staying.  I was excited to give it a try.  I thought I could run it out and back for a nice 4 miles if I wanted.

The second day at Disney I found the workout room and I ran 3 miles on the treadmill before heading outside to the path. I seriously got lost inside the Polynesian resort.  It didn’t help that it was already dark outside when I started running.   I’m pretty sure I got off the main path some how and was stuck in the curvy walkways of the resort.  I ran around and around and then finally stopped to look at a map.  I was determined to get myself out of this maze without a panic attack, but it was looking grim.  I even thought about getting on the monorail because I actually knew how to get back that way.  After many twists and turns I finally found the path back to my resort.  I was lost for a good 25 minutes so I’ll log that for 2.5 miles since I didn’t have my Garmin.

My husband took his turn to workout the next day so I had a rest day.  Not sure there’s such thing as a rest day while at Disney though.  I ran one more time on the treadmill later in the trip and logged another 5 miles.  I wasn’t much into working out after that because we stayed up late and got up early everyday to enjoy the parks, fireworks and New Years Eve festivities.

I did not stay very close to my at home routine but I think I did a pretty good job balancing a mini workout routine with fun vacation time.  Now my goal is to get back to Disney to run some real races.  I’m intrigued.

Do you workout while on vacation or do you find it easy to let go of your routine and spend more time vacationing?

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One Response to Running on Vacation

  1. Sarah says:

    Great job! I try to get workouts in on vacation, but it doesn’t always happen! Running in a new spot is also a great way to explore the area!

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