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2013 Race Plans

Remember back in January when I was surprised that other runners had already started to plan out their race schedules for 2013?  Well now that I am officially registered for the Chicago Marathon I fell like I can plan out … Continue reading

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Registration Luck

Yesterday I left the lunchroom early to get on the computer to register for the Chicago Marathon. I had my laptop, iPad, iPhone and work computer all ready incase something went wrong with one of my devices.  I opted to … Continue reading

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Personal Marathon

On our usual Sunday long run one of my running friends asked, “Is anyone interested in running a personal marathon?  You know, setting up our own course, aid stations and just covering the distance?”  To which I answered, “Totally!  That’s … Continue reading

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Welcome Side Effects

I have been enjoying few great side effects that have resulted since I have stopped fueling myself with regular servings of sugar.  I have listed some unexpected but welcome ones below. 1.  My children no longer badger me for sweets. … Continue reading

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