Welcome Side Effects

I have been enjoying few great side effects that have resulted since I have stopped fueling myself with regular servings of sugar.  I have listed some unexpected but welcome ones below.

1.  My children no longer badger me for sweets. You know, when I think I’m sneaking a cookie while eating behind a cabinet door.  They have stopped asking for dessert after a finished meal too.  It’s actually kind of weird.  I have always nourished them better than I feed myself, but my new habits have definitely rubbed off on them.

2.  I really didn’t enjoy my green tea latte from Starbucks the way I use to.  I think the more I drank them the more I wanted them and in turn the better I thought they tasted.  I had one last weekend and it was underwhelming.  I don’t really feel the NEED to have sugar treats anymore like I use to.

3.  I do not crash in the afternoon anymore.  I used to yawn a million times once it hit about 1:30 in the afternoon.  I always dreaded getting through the second half of my day. Now I find myself feeling more energized in the afternoon.

It’s been tough to get where I am right now with my sugar addiction, but I think I am holding up well. Having one treat day a week is working well so far.

What’s your relationship with sugar?

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2 Responses to Welcome Side Effects

  1. Ah, another mummy who can share my sugar-free feelings! Yay! I too had to remove myself from all things sugar as was becoming quite an addict in how I approached my sugar intake (was even lying to my HF about why I needed to buy lollies!). I have been sugar-free for nearly 4 months now and the positive effects are wonderful and many! As you’ve listed, quite a few of them are unexpected which is nice and evidence of how sneaky sugar addiction can be in your life – you don’t even really enjoy what you’re drinking/eating!!! Thanks so much for this post, it’s nice to know I’m not alone in my quest. xx

  2. Nicole says:

    We are two weeks into no sugar, no caffeine, vegan eating. This is a personal, faith-based, fast for us in February each year, and I dread not having sugar and caffeine the most. But, once I’ve had my withdrawals, I always feel better! It really is amazing the hold sugar and caffeine have on me during the rest of the year. I like your plan of one sweet treat per day. I think I could handle that!

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