Personal Marathon

IMG_2951On our usual Sunday long run one of my running friends asked, “Is anyone interested in running a personal marathon?  You know, setting up our own course, aid stations and just covering the distance?”  To which I answered, “Totally!  That’s a great idea.”  And there were several others who agreed and before I knew it there were a decent amount of people planning to participate.

If you’re a runner you know how crazy runners are, right?  And when I say crazy I mean really awesome.  The fact that someone even comes up with the idea to run 26.2 miles for the hell of it and then there are others right there by your side who jump right on the bandwagon without a second thought is amazing.

I recently read a blog post where Zach, from Zach Runs Chicago, planned to run 3 races (totaling 13.1 miles) in different towns on the same day.  This sounded like such a badass idea to me.  And then he recruited 2 friends to join him and they pulled it off.  Seriously, only runners, right?!

So what I’m trying to say is that I am going to run a personal marathon.  It will be my first marathon.  We plan to run our event in April.  Lots of the details are still pending.  For example, we have to make an official route and figure out aid stations.  And I’m not running my first marathon without out a medal at the finish line, so that is in the works too.

I know it’s crazy, but I’m going to do it and love/hate every moment.

Have you ever planned a personal race?  What was the distance?

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