Registration Luck

Yesterday I left the lunchroom early to get on the computer to register for the Chicago Marathon. I had my laptop, iPad, iPhone and work computer all ready incase something went wrong with one of my devices.  I opted to start my registration on my work computer first since the Internet connection would be more reliable than form my personal device while tethering from my phone.

551524_4826630178490_1299976059_nAt 11:55 the Chicago Marathon registration page allowed me to begin typing in my information.  I got all the way to the end on typed in my credit card information and hit the send button.  Unfortunately after 3 minutes of churning I was sent to a page with an error message.  Ugh!  So I quickly got on my personal computer and my work computer at the same time and started the registration process over from the beginning.  I tried this with now luck about a million times.  After 20 minutes of trying I notice a couple of emails in my inbox.

IMG_3051They were confirmation emails!!  I was one of the lucky folks whose registration went through.  I never saw the final confirmation page so I wasn’t sure I was actually successful.  I thankful that none of my other efforts actually resulted in a duplicate registration because I bet that would be a pain in the ass to rectify.

I heard that many people were not so lucky.  Either they were unable to register at all or they registered numerous times.   At $175 a pop can you imagine the credit card charges some people got?

So it looks like registration is closed until they can get their shit together and fix all the mistakes.  I read that Thursday they will open registration up again until they fill their 45,000 spots.

I hope that anyone who really wants to run this race is already registered or will be able to do so on Thursday.  I had planned for the Chicago Marathon to be my goal race of all time, so I’d be super let down if I wasn’t able to run it.

Did you have a hard time registering for the Chicago Marathon?  Did you get lucky like me or are you waiting for a second change tomorrow?

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4 Responses to Registration Luck

  1. carybear21 says:

    I spent an hour and 40 minutes refreshing the page yesterday, only to not get in at all. It seems everyone else I know managed to get in, but I will be trying again tomorrow.

  2. Pete B says:

    It took me 50 minutes to register. I should have logged in at 11:50am instead of 12:00pm. I guess, sometimes these registration sites open early. At checkout I noticed I had 3 registrations in my cart, but I was able to delete 2 of them before I paid. We’ll see how my credit card statement looks! 🙂

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