2013 Race Plans

Remember back in January when I was surprised that other runners had already started to plan out their race schedules for 2013?  Well now that I am officially registered for the Chicago Marathon I fell like I can plan out my races for the remainder of 2013.  I will be running a few new races as well as some repeats and I’m looking forward to each and every one.

March Madness:  3/17/13

Ok, so I’m not certain that I am actually running this.  The race sold out in 18 minutes, but I think I have a source who, if I’m lucky, will pass along her packet to me.  Many of my friends are running this and I’d really like to join them.  UPDATE:  My source came though and I’m running this race undercover!

Personal Marathon: 4/7/13

This will be my first marathon.  It couldn’t be a more sketchier event, but I’ll be proud to say my first marathon was run with a bunch spectacular running friends right my side the whole 26.2 miles.

Arbor Day 10K:  4/21/13

This will be my second 10K race.  I ran this exact race last year as I was adding distance and climbing the race ladder. I was super proud of myself running it in under an hour at 57:49.  Who knows what I’ll be capable of this time. The Morton arboretum is MY place to run.  The arboretum and I go way back.  It’s where I ran my first 5K, 10K and hundreds of training miles.   I can’t wait to see what I accomplish this time.

Great Western Half:  5/5/13

I have never run this race before, but it was a great price and lots of my friends were already registered. I’d say it was peer pressure that got me into this one, but if I’m honest sometimes I don’t even need the pressure just the peer(s) is enough.

Waterfall Glen 10 Mile Xtreme:  7/13/13

I ran this race last year because I had run a terrible 10 mile race a few months before and this was the race to redeem myself.  I also have run hundreds of training miles on these trails.  I spent an entire summer of Sundays building up my mileage to run my first half marathon here.  I love this trail and am looking forward to racing here again.

Chicago Marathon:  10/13/13

This is the mother of all of my races.  I was one of the lucky ones and was able to register and get confirmation that I am actually signed up.  I want to my first official marathon to be one that I can be proud to tell everyone I ran.  And how cool is it that my “hometown” marathon is world class?

Naperville Half Marathon: 11/10/13

I folded under the pressure and the hype and registered for this race.  I guess the talk of a time crunch is enough to get this girl to sign up for a half marathon 4 weeks after running her first marathon.  Not sure I’ll set any PRs, but I’ll be there and ready to run anyhow.

I don’t have any 5Ks on the schedule, but I figure I’ll sprinkle one in here or there for good measure.  I’d really like to set a new PR and get under 24 minutes.

I am especially looking forward to this year of races because I will be running many of them with other running friends.  For the most part 2011-2012 I was not established socially as a runner.  Therefore, I ran most of my races solo.  It will be nice to have support before, during and at the finish line of many of my races.

Are you like me and do you take your time planning out your race schedule or do you wing it and sign up last minute?

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One Response to 2013 Race Plans

  1. leerunsdistances says:

    I’m very methodical in planning my race schedule

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