My Hero

There was a time a while back when both my children were sleeping until 7-7:30 am.  It was nice because I was able to get my morning routine accomplished before either of my lovelies could demand my attention.  Then as time went on and the morning became filled with light earlier my girls started waking up with the sun.  Usually around 6-6:30 am, which is way too early for my tastes.  They were getting up earlier than I would need to get up, which means that I would be forced out of bed by default.  This routine was getting old.  Something needed to change and fast.

Then came a simple savior, daylight savings time.  While those of you with older children or no children at all are lamenting that daylight savings time has sucked and hour from your life; I am over filled with joy because it means my children have been tricked into sleeping later. This to me is a giant wonderful gift that will keep on giving. At least until the mornings start to get lighter at an earlier hour again.  I’ll take what I can get.

Three cheers for day light savings!

Has the time change helped you?

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3 Responses to My Hero

  1. Pete B says:

    Yes, and it tricks me into getting more sleep too! 🙂

  2. Absolutely! I’ve been having to wake my 3 up for school/preschool all week. Hoping this carries into the weekend. Would love to get most of my long run in before they wake up! But there is something about weekends…. they seem to know and wake up early, don’t they? 🙂

    • Anne says:

      So far my 3 yo has been tricked. However my 6 year old is back to getting up too too early! I hope it lasts for you. We all deserve a little more time.

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