My Short Affair With Newtons

IMG_2955After 2 weeks of virtually no running my foot was back to normal.  I was able to run almost 30 miles this past week with no problems.  I have been warming up, stretching and doing my post run icing and stretching without fail.  I mentioned in my last post that I might try out a mild stability shoe for a bit more arch support. Well I ended up purchasing a pair of Newton Motion.

After reading several reviews about these shoes I quickly found out that runners either LOVE these shoes or HATE them.  I decided that breaking them in slowly like Newton and my sales person suggested.  My first experience with the shoe was a slow 1 mile run on my treadmill.  I noticed during this run that my left foot was having a hard time relaxing into the movement.  It was tensing up right around the forefoot area where the shoe is raised.

I laced up the shoes a second time for a moderate 1.5 miles again on the treadmill.  My right foot didn’t bother me too much during the run, but afterwards I felt like my forefoot was bruised again right where the bottom on the show is raised.  At the time I was wondering why my foot hurt not realizing it must be the new shoes.

For my 3rd and final run I ventured outside for a 2 mile road run.  I felt ok while running, but the bottom of my right foot continued to feel bruised for a few days after.  I finally made the connection that it must be the Newtons.

One week after purchasing these shoes I headed back to the store where I got them and easily exchanged them for another pair (Saucony Mirage 3).  If they were already giving me problems after just 5 miles I didn’t want to continue to experiment with this shoe.  I’m super thrilled that my right foot feels fine since I haven’t used these shoes for my past few runs.  I feel lucky that I didn’t love the Newton shoes since they would cost me a fortune to replace them every 300-500 miles.  I feel like my search for the perfect shoe is a never-ending journey.

Have you found your perfect running shoe?

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One Response to My Short Affair With Newtons

  1. my husband is a fickle shoe guy. he has been a runner for a long time, and hasn’t found the shoe he likes the best. he buys a new kind every single time he buys new shoes… although… and i think maybe i got him to switch over to my brand… he has been pretty happy with the brooks ravenna. i run in those, and i have since they first came out. i love them and find them to be the shoe that just does it for me. he ran in newtons for a cycle, and he liked them…. i don’t know. they seem like not enough shoe for me, and you’re absolutely right…. i’m SO glad that i don’t love them and my husband didn’t either, because we’d probably have to sell our youngest to afford to keep running in them. yikes. happy running!!

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