NYC Marathon or BUST…

A few weeks ago I put my name in the pot for the New York City Marathon.  Many of my friends already know they are running it and have begun to make plans.  So I thought why not take my chances and possibly join them.  Just the other day I noticed a charity that I follow on Facebook, Project ALS, post that they had openings for their NYC marathon team.  Since I have a personal connection to this charity I quickly filled out the application and submitted it.

I believe my chances of actually running this marathon have gone up considerably. When I registered for the lottery just a few short weeks ago I figured it was a long shot and probably wouldn’t happen for me this year.  Now I may have a chance to not only run the NYC marathon but help an important charity at the same time. My chances of actually running are looking better and better so I am seriously researching airfare, lodging and childcare.

Obviously this trip can end up being extremely expensive but luckily I have a few things working in my favor.  I have enough airline miles to pay for my round trip ticket.  There is a strong possibility that my sister’s friend who lives in Midtown will allow me to stay at his place for the weekend.  And if I don’t get a marathon entry via the standard lottery my bib will be paid for in conjunction with my fundraising efforts for Project ALS (if I’m lucky enough to represent).  If my husband decides to join me on this adventure I have awesome parents who will keep my children happy and safe all weekend long.

I’m starting to get a tad bit excited that if everything falls into place I will be running the NYC marathon in November.  Keep your fingers crossed.

Do you have any destination races planned this year? 

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4 Responses to NYC Marathon or BUST…

  1. Congrats on entering the NYC marathon!

    I plan on running races local this year. With family responsibilities taking priority – it’s tough to get away. In the past my wife and I loved running the Quad City Marathon: 4 cities, 2 states, 1 marathon. It’s a lot of fun and well organized. Worth checking out as they have a half marathon too.

  2. kelsnsher says:

    Oh my goodness, you’re making me excited for you! I hope either way you get in! Fingers crossed for ya!

  3. Robin Mueller says:

    I love to make the trip to Vegas for two different races. The first this year will be the Extraterrestrial Full Moon Midnight Half Marathon near Area 51 in the middle of the Nevada desert in the middle of the night. Just an amazing place to run, a real unique experience.

    The other one will be the Rock and Roll Las Vegas Half Marathon. They close down the famous LV Strip at night and let runners run from the new strip all the way up to downtown and back. Again, an amazing place to run, nothing like saying to run your running partner, “I’ll race you to the volcano”.

    I will also be doing RnR Los Angeles, probably the Long Beach Half, great course for a PR for me and a few other regional halfs around Southern California.

    I really hope you get to run NYC!!

  4. Pete B says:

    This is my favorite race in the world. I can’t describe how awesome it is! Good luck.

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