Running ID tags

Marathon(s) training is officially underway.  Not only have I been running and speed training, but I have also been keeping up with my cross training my going to boot camp 2 days a week and sessions with my personal trainer 1 day a week.  I am getting a lot out of my weekly speed training and I am enjoying my long runs with friends.  The long run mileage has yet to creep higher than I am use to running.  I am actually cutting back my mileage from wintertime. I was used to running no less than 10 miles and usually more.  I’ll try to enjoy this cut back because I know the mileage will be creeping back up before I know it.

With fall training in full effect for many of us I wanted to share with you my cool shoe ID tags that I recently purchased.  While on a run I usually carry my phone in my SPI belt. However, it would be nice to leave it behind on my shorter runs.  I noticed that many of my running friends have ID tags on their shoes so I went to Google to check them out.  I found that the ones marketed specifically to runners were a bit pricey, $18-$20.  I decided to that I would suck it up and get one for the sake of safety.

While I was in the process of ordering one of these expensive ID tags I was asked to decide what I would have printed on the tag.  I wasn’t exactly sure what information to include so I consulted Google.  While researching I stumbled upon a message board thread where runners were discussing this same topic and one poster mentioned that they got their ID tag from a pet website called for $3.95.  Of course I clicked on the link to check it out.

The price couldn’t be beat so I ordered not 1 but 3 ID tags, which actually made the price even less.  And you don’t have to get an ID tag shaped like a bone or a paw.  They come in normal shapes too.  Unless you want one shaped like a bone; I promise I won’t judge.

This is what I felt was important to include on the ID tag:



DOB xx/xxxx

ICE Name

Phone number (of my ICE contact)

NKA             blood type

IMG_3447I put one tag on my shoe, one on my key chain that I carry with me when I run and I saved the third tag for a just in case scenario.

I’m really happy with my purchase since I was able to get 3 tags for less than half the price I would have otherwise paid for the other one.

Do you carry ID when you run?

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8 Responses to Running ID tags

  1. Declan says:

    I have a Road ID on my birthday list. Only things I carry are my phone, stopwatch, and house key.

  2. Lena says:

    That is a really brilliant idea! Thanks, I might do that myself!

  3. Laura @ Mommy Run Fast says:

    I really should wear id! I don’t. 😦
    So awesome that you’re running NYC- I’m planning to be there cheering!!

  4. Never even considered it. Now I am thinking that I should.. Great idea tho!
    NYC Marathon, good on you and best of luck with all the training. Dom

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