The puzzle is complete

It took about 6 weeks, but I am now 100% certain that I am running the NYC Marathon.  There were so many pieces to the puzzle that needed to fall into place for me to believe it was actually happening.  I would talk about it like it was happening, but there were still things that needed to fall into place before my anxiety lifted.  I needed to be approved by the charity, reserve a place to stay, confirm air travel, and get that precious email from the New York Road Runners inviting me to officially register.

The NYC Marathon lottery had already concluded and over 40,000 runners were reserving hotels in NYC.  I was getting nervous that I would never find a place to stay that didn’t break the bank.  While searching hotel prices my search was showing $600 a night hotels that were usually half the price.  I was definitely anxious that this trip was going to cost me more than I anticipated. Luckily, while talking with some friends who are experienced in running big city marathons I found out about a website called This is a website where you can search for apartments to rent short term for what I found to be less than the cost of a hotel.  I was able to search for NYC apartments within walking distance of the finish line.   I scored a studio apartment for 3 nights a half a mile from the finish line at $150 a night.  I secured our reservation before I actually knew I was going to be invited by Project ALS to run with their team.  I checked the owner’s policy and took the chance of  loosing the $50 processing fee if we decided we didn’t need the place after all.

After I filled out the application to join the Project ALS NYC Marathon team I had to wait a few weeks to hear back that my application was accepted. When I finally got the go-ahead from Project ALS I  made airline reservations for me and my husband.  I was able to use miles for one ticket and pay for the other.  I got insurance on the paid ticket because you never now what might happen.

After securing lodging and transportation I still needed the invitation from the NYRR.  Yesterday I finally received that email.  I am finally registered and my ferry, baggage and estimated finish time are all on record.

So yes EVERYTHING is in place.  My fundraising page is also up and running.  I have had friends and family make donations in support of me and Project ALS.  I still have a little ways to go to reach my goal.  If you are able please consider donating to Project ALS. If you want to know more why this is a cause close to my heart you can read this post or follow my fundraising link to see my story.

If you can’t make a donation at this point, help me reach my goal by sharing this post on Facebook and Twitter!  Or, even better, send an e-mail to friends you think might be interested in contributing and include a link to my page.

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2 Responses to The puzzle is complete

  1. Good luck! I look forward to hearing about your training and your experience running an spectacular marathon. 🙂

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