It flared up

I haven’t been around the blog in quite some time.  My summer has been packed with family, friends, yoga and of course running.  Then I had to go back to work where things have been a bit disorganized to say the least.  Really I have had nothing super exciting or entertaining to write about.  Unfortunately things have been getting a bit depressing around here.

IMG_0001 If you’ve been following my Facebook page you know that I have been struggling with a  running related injury. The ankle on my right foot has been hurting me.  I ran my 18-mile training run two weeks ago and felt great.  It was during a weekday run when I noticed my ankle was bothering me.  The pain went away so I ran the next day and I believe that is when some of the real damage was done.  After that run I could barely put any weight on my foot.  It took one whole day of complete rest and lots of icing to just walk around like a normal person the next day.

After talking to a bunch of people and consulting Dr. Google I am self-diagnosing a case of peroneal tendonitis, which is basically an irritation of the tendons on the outside of the ankle around the ankle bone. From what I’ve read it sounds like the only smart thing to do is the usual RICE (rest, ice, compression and elevation).  I also read that as long as it’s not a chronic condition then it should be okay in a few weeks.

When this first happened I wanted to be smart so I declared an entire week off from running.  Then this past week I only ran two easy 4.5-mile runs without a flare up.  Today I completed my first long run in 2 weeks.  I felt fine while running the 13 miles.  I even did some maintenance icing immediately following the run, but the pain flared up later in the day.  It’s not nearly as bad as the first time, but my ankle is definitely not 100% healed.

I desperately need a course of action and a smart one at that.  I know the most intelligent thing to do is to see my sports medicine doctor and take 2 solid weeks to rest.  Sadly that means no running.  There are 6 weeks until the Chicago Marathon and 9 weeks until the New York Marathon.  Hopefully that is enough time to heal my ankle, get in a few more training runs so that I can run these marathons healthy.  The alternative is to keep running and jeopardize making it to the starting lines of my marathons.  It’s obvious what needs to be done whether I like it or not.

After brainstorming with my husband an analyzing my marathon-training plan I have decided on my course of action. I will see the sports medicine doctor as soon as I can get an appointment. I will take 2 weeks off from running.  After seeing the doctor and resting I will slowly start running again.  I’ll aim to run two short distances during the week (3-4 miles) and one modestly long run (8 miles give or take) on my first weekend back.  Then if there is not a flare up I plan to run my next long run no more than 15 miles.  At that point it will be taper time for the Chicago Marathon.  I have an 18 miler under my belt so I am hoping that it enough to prepare me. I don’t think even attempting one 20 miler would benefit me.  I know that even this plan can change, but I need something concrete to get me started on the path toward complete recovery.

I’d rather run my two marathons in good shape then hurt myself beyond repair, miss both marathons and hurt my future as a runner. It’s the right thing to do. It’s the right thing to do. It’s the right thing to do. If I say it three times doesn’t that make it true?

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7 Responses to It flared up

  1. Sorry to hear about your injury, I feel your pain. It isn’t nice at all, oh the joys of running also has a negative side.

    I am off running now due to injury, it started off as posterior tibial tendonitis but because I continued to train on it with rest in between I ended up developing a fracture in my leg. Be very careful, really be very careful. I am off running only 9 days now and will be off for about 84 days in total… 12 weeks off running, when I could have gone to the physio, took a month off and rest… NOT me, I ran 2 marathons, a 52km race and continued to run and train….
    Anyway my point is this, seriously consider not running at all as I would hate to see this develop into a fracture. Look after yourself.

  2. Angela says:

    If you live around the Chicago area. Dr.O’Brian in Roselle is AMAZING!!! and RMS for physical therapy. (in Schaumburg) I live in the city and drive to both places because they are amazing. GOOD LUCK!! but whatever you do, keep in mind, those races aren’t important, not damaging your body is important.

  3. Declan says:

    Ugh! Injuries this late in the training suck! Nothing said can really help, just gotta force yourself to be smart about it. If it is too long of a wait to see a sports doc. at least get an injury screening at a PT place to hold you over. Keep sane!

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