Woe is toe

IMG_0002Did I mention that while I was resting my right ankle that the forefoot of my left foot started to hurt?  I don’t know exactly how I injured it, but it was killing me.  After a week I started to notice that the pain was originating from my second toe.  My toe looks like there is a bump on the side near the big toe.  So needless to say I will talk to the sports medicine doctor about his ailment too.  Don’t worry, I consulted Dr. Google as well and I discovered that buddy taping, taping two neighboring toes together, can help with the pain and aid in healing.  I have had a lot of luck with the buddy taping.  Luckily the forefoot pain is completely gone and I don’t have pain in my toe unless it gets pushed backwards.  I hope this is not worse than it seems.  I already have enough to handle when it comes to my right ankle injury.

Are you staying injury free during marathon training?

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