Calorie Counting Update

Back at the end of June I started to count calories with the goal of loosing 8 pounds, which would return me to my pre-pregnancy weight.  I have not only met that goal but I  surpassed it.  I have lost a total of 10 pounds in the the last 2 plus months.  I can see muscle definition in my arms and abs.  And thanks to my running friends who apparently have a good view notified me that my ass is looking quite fine.  I’m thrilled to have had such great success.

My next step is to decide where I want to be weight wise before I enter maintenance mode.  After doing my research I came up with the following results.

Based on the Robinson formula (1983), my ideal weight is 123.0 lbs
Based on the Miller formula (1983), my ideal weight is 129.1 lbs
Based on the Devine formula (1974), my ideal weight is 120.6 lbs
Based on the Hamwi formula (1964), my ideal weight is 119.7 lbs
Based on the healthy BMI recommendation, your recommended weight is 107.8 lbs – 145.6 lbs

Currently I am in the healthy range at approximately 129 pounds (I’m 5’4″ tall, if you’re wondering).  However, I was in the healthy range before I started counting calories.  I feel the weight I am now is way healthier than when I was 10 pounds heavier.  I am sure that I developed muscle mass and shed some extra fat, which is apparent to me by the muscle definition that I can see.  From what I have read online “they” say that your body will eventually hit a natural plateau ( it will be harder to shed the pounds) once you are in your healthy weight range even while eating at a calorie deficit.  I’m certain that hasn’t happened to me as I have been able to shed at least 1 pound a week for the last 8-9 weeks.

Based on the calculations above 126.7 pounds is smack dab in the middle or all the results.  I’m toying with the idea of settling at 125 pounds and then going into calorie counting maintenance mode.  My rational is that if I fluctuate a few pound from 125 I will still feel okay about where  I’m at.  I just don’t want to see the upper 130s again.

Do you count calories?  How did you decide it was a good time to go into maintenance mode?

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