Best Case

IMG_0003I was finally able to see the foot and ankle specialist on Monday.  I wasn’t sure what the diagnosis was going to be regarding my toe and ankle problems.  The good news is that even though I do have these problems I found out that they are not as  bad as I anticipated.  Under the circumstances the news I received from the doctor was the best I could have gotten. Thank god, because I really want to make it to the finish line of both the Chicago and New York marathons.  The x-rays showed no broken bones in either problem areas

It turns out that my self diagnosis of pereneal tendonitis of my right ankle was correct.  The doctor said that since my pain level is a zero while walking around normally then there is no need to immobilize the ankle with a boot .  He suggested that I take 2-3 weeks off from running and then slowly ease back in and see how I feel.  If I’m lucky everything will be healed in that amount of time.  However, it may take longer.  It’s a great thing that I already got a week head start with my running break before the doctor declared it was necessary.

The lump on the inside of my second toe on my left foot turned out to be an inflamed bursa sac.  Seriously don’t Google bursa.  Mine is no where near as gross and disgusting as what you will see on Google.  And you won’t be able to un-see it, so please just let me give the least gross explanation possible.  An inflamed bursa sac (bursitis) is a small fluid filled sac that forms in areas of extra rubbing and friction.  Sometimes they are painful and sometimes they are not.  Mine was freaking painful.  So painful that I would have sworn that my toe was broken.  The treatment for me is to tape my second toe away from my big toe to stop the rubbing.  I have been doing this for couple of weeks and slowly it is becoming less painful.

The doctor was not impressed with my ailments.  I was happy to hear the best news I could have gotten.  My plan of action is to do as much cardio on the elliptical and the bike until I can start up running again. I just signed up for a temporary one month membership at a gym so that I can have access to these alternatives.  Tuesday I plan to do a short treadmill run, wait two days and see how I feel.  If my tendonitis doesn’t flare up then I’ll try another short run. I have a feeling that I won’t be pressing my luck with any long runs for a while.  However, I do want to be as ready as I can be on October 13 to finish Chicago.  Only time will tell how they story goes.

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2 Responses to Best Case

  1. Good luck in Chicago and NY!

  2. vttrailgirl says:

    I blew out both peroneal tendons in May, and never rested. So, both feet still hurt on long runs, beyond the usual time-on-my-feet pain. Go figure. Good luck with yours.
    Good luck at the marathons!

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