Rested and Running Again

IMG_3051I can hardly believe there are only six days until the Chicago Marathon.  It seems like just yesterday that I was on my computer desperately trying to get my registration to go through.  When I received my confirmation I was so thrilled that I could have peed my pants.  I’m seriously still that excited to take on the Chicago Marathon this weekend.  My friend threatened to show up at mile 21 with a sign that says “Are you still so excited that you could pee your pants?”  Sounds like exactly what I will need to see when I am that deep into the race.

Unfortunately an injury to my ankle and another to my toe put a damper on my training.  So what does one do when they can’t “train” for a marathon according to plan?  After being sidelined for a week I still felt hurt so I signed up for a gym membership. I found a Groupon for $10 for one month at a local gym.  Luckily this trial membership will last me until this Thursday.  I have been able to keep up with my cardio conditioning by utilizing the stationary bike and the elliptical machine.  I also continued do go to my boot camp class but I modified many of the exercises and eliminated all activities that included jumping.  And let’s not forget my yoga study, which was a tremendous help.  The one leg balancing poses required in yoga have really helped to strengthen my ankle.

I had to take three solid weeks off of running.  I missed 3 long runs (17, 20 and 21 milers), which unsettled me greatly.  Eventually I was able to start running again.  I eased in with 3 miles on the treadmill and then switched to either the bike or elliptical, which I did two days a week.  My first “long” run back was a 6 miler.  Each week I upped my long run milage by 2 miles.  My longest run since the injury debacle has been only 10 miles.  I’m glad I was able to run one 18 miler before I was sidelined.  I have been joking that I have been tapering for the last 7 weeks.  Okay it’s no joke; it’s pretty much true.

I have not had any flare-ups recently.  I am confident that I did the right thing by taking time off from running even though it was during the high milage part of the training.  I am pretty sure I wouldn’t be healthy enough to run my upcoming marathons if I hadn’t proceeded the way I did.  That’s not to say it was easy.  I had lots of emotional ups and downs.  I was super scared to start up running again becuase I was afriad to find out that I would still feel pain.  It was hard to let go and give it a try.  For a while I was feeling like a marathon training fraud.  Thankfully I have an amazing group of friends that I run with who supported me every step of the way and encouraged me to rest and get healthy.

I have run a marathon before, but this is my first “official” marathon.  I’m freakin’ excited.    Let’s cross our fingers and hope that my ankle can take me to the finish line.

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3 Responses to Rested and Running Again

  1. That is a really strong mental accomplishment and dedication! I’m dealing with the – should I have rested more or did I do the right thing during this taper week now!

    Stay stable and strong this week!

  2. Brooke says:

    good luck!! i’ve done 2 marathons, and i think the training is the hardest part. made even harder for you by your injury. hope you can enjoy the product of your hard work!

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