NYC Trip: Day One

So. The New York City Marathon.  I know it was over a week ago, but it has taken me that long to get my usual life back in order and then make time to write this post. Thanks for hanging in there.  My plan is not to bore you so I will break this up into 3 separate posts.  One post for each day of my trip.  The last post will center around the marathon itself.

My husband and I took off for NYC early Friday morning before the marathon.  After arriving at the airport we caught a bus to take us to the apartment we rented.  I used and found a place located near the finish line of the marathon.  We saved a lot of money and the location was perfect.  It was a little weird staying in someone else’s home with all of their personal things, but not too weird to stop me from doing it.

IMG_6601After dropping off our things at the apartment my husband and I stopped in a local deli and ate lunch before we headed out to the Expo.  I wanted to get my race packet right away so that I would have one less thing to stress out about before the race.  The Expo was crowded but once I got through the initial line where they checked my ID the rest was clear sailing.  I got my bib, t-shirt and a few pictures.  I tired to shop around, but this section was way too crowded to enjoy so after one walkthrough we left.

IMG_4393After getting my race packet we decided that a trip to the 9/11 Memorial was necessary.  The last time I had been to NYC was in May of 2012.  The site was a disaster then and to this day there are still some areas that are under construction.  It’s hard to grasp how slowly the rebuilding is taking.  I felt that the design of the memorial perfectly honored those who lost their lives on 9/11.  The two giant fountains that outline the perimeter of the World Trade Center offered a place to stand and pay my respects to the victims and the fallen heroes.  Even though many people were around I stood their deep in thought as I listened to the sound of the rushing water.  It was hard to hold back the tears.

IMG_6633Next, we stopped for a cupcake before we took a walk through Central Park.  Then we went back to the apartment to rest a bit since we had gotten up at 4 am that morning to catch our flight.  After a short nap we headed out for dinner.  There was a great sushi place on the same block as our apartment so we ate there.  Then we walked around the Upper West Side until we found some dessert.  I ate some frozen yogurt and my husband found an awesome gelato place.  We did a lot of really great eating on this trip, but I don’t feel guilty because we did a lot of walking around the city and I did run 26.2 miles through 5 boroughs in the same weekend.

We were exhausted so my husband and I went back to our apartment to get a good nights rest.  You always here that it’s important to get a solid rest the 2 days before the race and that was my plan.  We had a fully planned out Saturday so we were preparing for the next day…

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