NYC: Day Two

The day before the New York Marathon was a busy one.  We had many appointments to keep.  We had the morning to ourselves, but we had plans for lunch, coffee and then dinner.

IMG_4407Saturday morning we slept as long as our bodies allowed.  My husband and I both got 12-13 hours of sleep that night.  I don’t think we have had that kind of solid sleep since before our two girls were born.  We stopped to get a light breakfast and some Starbucks before we headed out to roam Central Park again.  This time we walked the end of the marathon course and checked out the finish line.  We were blessed with perfect weather.  It was sunny and warm the entire day.  A light jacket was all I needed to stay comfortable.

IMG_4425Next we headed to lunch with my Project ALS charity team.  It was amazing to meet the heads of the foundation as well as meet all the other runners.  Many of the runners had family members who have/had ALS and one runner I met is a researcher for the foundation.  It was interesting to pick his brain about how things progress in the lab.  We chatted and ate an enormous amount of Italian food and desserts.  I was touched by everyone’s story and their reasons behind running the NYC marathon for this worthy cause.  I was seriously honored to be a part of such a wonderful group of people.

After lunch we headed to some obscure coffee house to meet my husband’s cousins.  I could not fit anything else in my stomach so I just took part in the conversation. I had to digest my lunch so that I could make room for the dinner that was planned.

For dinner we met all the ladies from my running club who were also running the marathon.  I enjoyed lots of laughs and another Italian meal.  I was definitely carb loaded at this point in the day, but that didn’t stop me from getting an IceBlended from The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf after dinner.  We don’t have those in the Midwest so I just had to get one.

After a day out and about eating and eating and eating, it was time to get back to the apartment to prepare for the race.  I got everything packed and laid out so that I could get up and head out early the next morning.  I took a sleeping pill and headed to bed…

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