Triathlon, What???

I’m not exactly sure how the idea of doing a triathlon became my next endeavor.  Maybe it was seeing the pictures of my running friend doing her first triathlon or maybe it’s a need for cross training to keep running injuries at bay.  I do know that I like the felling of conquering things that I never thought I could or would ever actually accomplish.  I am after  more of that euphoric feeling I get thinking of how I ran not one but three marathons this past year.  The next step on my ladder is to begin my journey to becoming a triathlete.

At this point this goal has only been talk.  Everything about this is intimidating to me.  I don’t own a bike, I have’t really swum since I did lifeguard training in my mid twenties (over 10 years ago).  I’ve never done swimming as a sport or biking for that matter either.  I am as new as a newbie can get.

Until yesterday I hadn’t done anything proactive to get momentum going in the right direction.  I went to a triathlon store not too far from my home.  I wanted to be schooled about bikes.  I had a chat with my friend, A,  who was a triathlete and she tried to steer me in the right direction in regards to what I need in a bike.  I sort of had some info I could toss around based on my conversations with A, but really I still knew nothing.

I brought my husband along bike shopping/researching so he could be a second ear.  He’s really good at learning all he needs to know to make an educated decision on buying expensive things.  We know we are going to have to spend a pretty penny to start up this new hobby and I wanted him to be there to understand the cost of things.  And to be honest I have a lot of anxiety in these kinds of situations so my husband’s presence is welcome.  He’s also super supportive and will pretty much say yes to all my reasonable requests.  He’s extrememly cool like that.

According to the bike guru at the store he tells us now is a perfect time to buy a bike.  Lots of last year’s models are still available and they want to get them out so the new 2014 inventory can go out on the floor.  It looks like I have some good info and I may be able to make a decision about buying a bike in the next week or two.  I am freakin’ excited to take this step.  I fell like this is going to be huge.

photoI also plan to start a masters swim class with a local triathlon club in two weeks.  Oh my god, I will be getting in the water swimming across a pool with no formal training and being watched by people who already know what the hell they are doing.  Please let these people be supportive to new comers because this is super anxiety inducing for me.  A new activity and new people I have to interact with is a double whammy on the anxiety scale.  The cool thing is that I am going to do it despite the anxiety and it’s all going to be okay.  I have a feeling it’s going to be amazing actually.  I bought goggles and a swim cap.  Now I better Google how I’m suppose to put the swim cap on.  I did mention that I know NOTHING, right?

Luckily I have a good friend N who is going to be tackling her first triathlon too.  However, she’s a bit more with it than I am.  She has a nice bike and uses it.  She also has more experience swimming than I do.  I’m glad that I have someone who is always reminding me of my goal and pushing me to take the next steps to meet it.

I’ll keep you posted because I have a feeling this is going to be one of those things where it all seems like baby steps and then before for I know it I’m crossing the finish line of my first triathlon.

Do you swim, bike and run?  School me please.

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2 Responses to Triathlon, What???

  1. Wow, good for you. Can’t wait to hear more about it. No triathlon for me. No thank you.

  2. Anne says:

    No? Why don’t you like the idea of a tri?

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