I’d like to ride my bicycle

IMG_4899Last weekend I went back to the bike store with a mission, to buy my bike.  Mission accomplished.  I’m so excited to get on this thing and learn how to ride it.  I haven’t truly rode a bike in 20 years.  My last bike was a turquoise blue, 10 speed Schwinn.

IMG_4901My new bike is a 2013 Connondale CAAD 10.  I’ve already established that I know nothing about bikes and biking, but we trusted the shop and the expert who helped me pick it out.   First, we determined what my goals were for using the bike.  I know that I become obsessive about things so I will mostly likely climb up the triathlon race ladder with the goal of one day doing a half ironman.  That’s what I said about running (ha ha ha a half) and that was 3 marathons ago (in one year too).  The bike guru said that this brand of bike made an aluminum frame the right way.  I guess they have pushed the envelope making  this as light as possible.  Many people who I talked to about what kind of bike I should get also said that I didn’t really need a carbon bike.  I know I won’t be competing to win anything, but I need a bike that can potentially withstand a lot of future use.  I also purchased a helmet, pump, pedals and shoes.  I’m starting from scratch and I needed everything.  However, I’m sure weather I really need this stuff is up for debate.

IMG_4912Right now my bike is on my treadmill waiting to be used.  I’m getting impatient waiting for  decent weather to emerge.  Now it’s just annoying that I have to move the bike in front of the dog cage every time I need to run and then back on the treadmill when I’m finished.  And no I’m not riding my bike on the treadmill.  However, every time I think about the disaster that would ensue if I did, I start to laugh.

So what else do I need?  Bike shorts?  Any reccomendations?

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One Response to I’d like to ride my bicycle

  1. Margaret says:

    Get a trainer so you can use it indoors! I’m a bike newbie too (haven’t even ridden outside yet), but I’ve been using it indoors. Good deals on craigslist on used trainers.

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