Swimming: I continue to surprise myself.

My first Masters Swim class was scheduled for last night.  I had thought I was going to have to bow out since the snow was dumping down all afternoon and the driving was looking very dangerous.  I have been fretting this first swim class for weeks now and if I wasn’t able to get there last night I didn’t know if I could handle another week of feeling anxious about it.  Luckily the snow stopped about an hour before class started and my husband talked me into going.  I’m so glad he did.

It was a perfect first class  for me since it looked as if the weather kept many people from attending.  This resulted in the class consisting of me and one other dude.  I was able to receive quality step by step instruction on my freestyle stroke.  Now I’ve got a great foundation to build upon.   I told the coach I was as green as they came and he was cool with my lack of knowledge of swimming and its lingo.

It was a super humbling experience because breathing was hard and I would get tired after each lap (which is 2 lengths FYI, I did not know this).  Who am I kidding?  I felt like I do when I run sprints and then need to rest before running another.  It was hard yo.  Hard, but super fun. It’s nice to feel some sore muscles in new places. I felt so accomplished doing something I have never done before AND it didn’t kill me.  What an amazing workout.

I am looking forward to seeing how far I come after class each week.  Now I have to figure out how to get access to a pool so that I can practice on my own what I’ve learned so far.

Have you stepped out of your comfort zone and tried a new form of exercise or sport lately?

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3 Responses to Swimming: I continue to surprise myself.

  1. Awesome job! I can relate to how nervous you were – I joined a Masters Swim Club 10 yrs ago & greatly enjoyed it. Unfortunately I no longer have my evenings free to go 😦

  2. Good for you lady for going to your class. 🙂

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