Off Season Injury


It’s the off sesaon, but apparently that doesn’t mean that an injury won’t rear its ugly head. I have been struggling with two different ailments. The most concerning one was that my hand was going numb or as some describe it I was experiencing that “pins and needles” feeling. At first it wasn’t too bad. I would wake up with my right arm and hand completely numb and useless, but I would just hang it off the side of the bed and open and close my hand until I could feel it again. But as time went on it got increasingly worse. Even after shaking it out my thumb and first two fingers would stay a bit numb for the first few hours of my day. When it became consistently bothersome to brush my teeth and pluck my eyebrows I thought it was time to get some help.

Of course I Googled my symptoms and Dr. Google suggested I had cancer, MS or maybe diabetes. Dr. Google is always doling out the high anxiety possible diagnosies, but I still didn’t want to go to a medical doctor right off the bat. The last thing I need is to get test after test done to find out nothing except that my bank account has been depleated. So this time I called a chiropractor who comes highly recommend by many runners from my running club. He is also a member of the club as well. His name is mentioned on our club Facebook page every time someone has an injury and doesn’t know where to start with their care. Many runners rave about how he has helped. Athletes also appreciate that he is a triathlete and understands where us crazy runners are coming from. I gave him a call and boy am I glad I did.

First, he comes to my house since he is self employed. He also charges next to nothing for an hour session. An hour session, you ask? This is not your run of the mill, adjustment only chiropractic session. He does amazing soft tissue work (ART: Active Release Therapy) first and then when applicable he adjusts. I am 90% better after 3 sessions over the course of 9 days (Day 1, 5, 9). My symptoms diminished after the first session. I was also diligent about doing the extra work he suggested with rolling and stretching.

Mr Chiro man has been interviewing for jobs within a practice. He is seriously talented and is very good at what he does and I am one of many who think so. But, let it be known that I will stalk him down if I have to because marathon training is not too far off and I think I need him tucked away in my back pocket for future use.

It’s amazing to me how long I was uncomfortable, but but didn’t realize just how terrible it was until I started feeling relief. Now Mr. Chiro man will be concentrating on the lower back pain that I’ve been dealing with since my New Years Day snowy Yaktrax run at the hilly arboretum. I’ve started to feel some relief, but there is more work to do there. He’s still trying to pin point where the problem originates. I think were on to something with the hip flexors though.

Have you found relief from an injury by getting bodywork?

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5 Responses to Off Season Injury

  1. Josh Brown says:

    Googling symptoms can lead to trouble… glad it ended up being nothing major and that you’re already feeling better after a few sessions with your chiropractor who seems amazing.

  2. I love my chiropractor! Ugh, hip flexors! I have trouble with those too. I stretch whenever I can and that seems to help. Good luck!

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