Morton Arboretum 10K or bust!

This weekend I’m running my second 10K race. I ran this exact same race 2 years back. I didn’t know then that I was slowly climbing the race ladder, but a few half marathons and full marathons later I’ve finally made my way back to the 10K race distance. I’m pretty certain that I will PR since my current half marathon pace is faster than the pace I ran this 10K at 2 years ago. I’ve also had some pretty amazing 4 mile training runs where I felt that I had at least 2 more miles in me at the conclusion. I am fairly excited to run this race, however, the forecast is predicting rain at race time. The thought of running in the rain makes me super anxious. I’m not sure why it freaks me out so much. I have run in sweltering heat/humidity, ice, snow and sub-sub zero wind chills so you’d think I could manage the rain. I’ve survived some runs where I was barely sprinkled on, but I have never run in a down pour. I may have the chance to earn a bad-ass badge of honor if the weather doesn’t cooperate this Sunday. My time to beat is 57:49. Let’s do this!

Does running in the rain freak you out too?

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2 Responses to Morton Arboretum 10K or bust!

  1. How did the race go? A little rain does not freak me out. Oh, and snow does freak me out.

    • Anne says:

      Funny that it turned out to be a perfect day, sun and all! All that worrying for nothing. I ran a great race. I promise a race report soon.

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