Dreading the swim workout


It’s Monday and every Monday morning I start to dread my scheduled evening Masters swim class. I use to feel this way about any workout when I first started to make a daily workout part of my lifestyle. You know back when my hardest workout was walking on the treadmill for 30-60 minutes each day. I’d start the day thinking about how my workout was still on the list of things to accomplish for the day. I would dread it all day and even feel guilty until my workout for the day was completed. It was torture and it would start all over the very next day. My walking workouts turned into running workouts and I eventually became hooked. I now look forward to my runs. I actually crave them.

I cannot say the same about swimming. I think about it all day Monday. I think about how cold it is outside and how cold I’ll be when I have to jump into the pool. The crazy thing is I get into the pool I swim 2-3 lengths and I am all warmed up. My coach totally kills me and at the end of the workout I feel like a bad ass. I love the feeling I get when my swim workouts are complete.

I will try to concentrate on that post swim feeling to get me through the usual Monday dread. I am hoping that swimming will end up like running did for me. I look forward to craving a good swim workout. Right now it’s just so damn hard and I have so much to work on that it’s overwhelming. Thank god I have a couple of coaches who are patiently working with a beginner like me.

If I want to follow this triathlon dream I better get my butt in the water, get over this dread and train hard.

Do dread certain workouts? What helps you get through them?

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2 Responses to Dreading the swim workout

  1. Brooke says:

    i suck a swimming. gonna try to get into the habit this summer, because it helps my running (breathing) but its not something i look forward to.

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