I broke my bike!


Last weekend I went to my local arboretum with a couple of friends to ride our bikes. Now remember I just spent an arm and a leg on a new bike a while back. I’m gonna be a triathlete, remember? I hadn’t really rode it much outside due to the insanely crappy weather. So this ride was just one in a handful of outdoor rides I’d been on. Mostly I was riding inside on the trainer. So I was looking forward to my first outdoor ride with friends.

About 2.5 miles into the 4.5 mile loop my bike was not feeling or sounding right. As I was putting pressure on my pedal on an uphill I heard and felt a huge crack. Since I felt like something was off earlier I had already prepared my brain to unlatch from my left pedal. Luckily I was able to get my foot out of my pedal in time so that I could catch myself before falling to the ground. My number one fear, falling off my bike still attached to the pedals, averted! Thank you to the powers at be.

However, fear number two is efing up my bike because I’m totally ignorant about the mechanics had happened. I looked at my bike and realized it was so messed up that I ride it or walk it. Once my friends realized I was no longer behind them they came back to help me out.

Some comedic happenings ensued at this point. The loop of the arboretum was closed to vehicle traffic at the time so no one would be making their way around to help me out any time soon. I was forced to abandon my bike and make my way back to visitor center for help. One of my friends biked ahead, the other stayed with me. She was trying to convince me to mount her bike and ride tandem with her. No way in hell that was going to happen. Efing up one bike a day is all I can handle. I opted for jogging with my bike helmet on in wet socks for about a half a mile while my friend ride next to me instead. She was trying to divert my attention by telling me how lovely our views were. All I could think about was how much is this gonna cost me!

Not too much later and my girl friend came back with security. I packed up my bike and got a ride back to my car. My friends continued on with their ride and I drove home feeling like an idiot. Thinking maybe I’m just not cut out for this bike thing. Maybe I should just stick with running.

I took my bike to the shop that same day to find out the damage. A couple of days later I received the news. Disclaimer: I know nothing about bikes. This is what the mechanic told me. Some how the hanger was bent, which broke in half and then seriously damaged the derailleur. Since the bike is under warranty he comped the derailleur replacement and only charged me for the hanger replacement. In the end it only cost me minimal dollars, which is way less worse than I thought it would be.

I’ve learned a few lessons in bike handling. Be care not to bend shit and don’t shift in a way that will Ef with my bike. I’m not sure if the damage was my fault or if there was some sort of factory defect. The mechanic wasn’t sure either, but all worked out in the end. Whew.

Now to get back on my bike. I hope to keep me and my bike injury free!

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One Response to I broke my bike!

  1. Sorry to hear about the bike. However, it is those things we learn when something goes wrong or happens. You said you know nothing about bikes? Well, now you do. 🙂

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