Ultima Replenisher: Electrolyte Powder Review



Being a race ambassador for Zooma Chicago definitely has its perks. Ive enjoyed being in touch with other ambassadors as well as trying out products from the race’s various sponsors. I’ve been sent many products to try but one that I an super inclined to write about is the Ultima Replenisher: Electrolyte Powder I was sent.

I am super picky about my hydration and fueling while running. I’ve tried many drinks, but always come back to plain water because of the chemicals, carbonation or too much sugar in other sports drinks. Nothing I previously tried sat well with me until I tried Ultima.


The package I received (for free from Ultima in 20140524-111943.jpgconjunction with my Zooma ambassadorship) had several one serving packets in 4 different flavors. I added one packet to my 24 ounce water bottle, gave it a little shake and enjoyed. It offered a light taste not syrupy at all like some other hydration choices out there. It is not carbonated and the ingredients are chemical free. The powder is sweetened with stevia, which after all my research I’m totally cool with as a non sugar choice. I enjoyed all the flavors I was given: orange, lemonade, raspberry and grape. My favorite flavors are raspberry and orange.

I believe you can find this product at Whole Foods if you’re thinking about giving it a try. I have only used Ultima as a post workout drink thus far, but in June when marathon training begins I’m going to add it into my training run hydration routine.

I’m so glad I finally found a sports drink that’s everything I need. Thanks Ultima.

If you want to join me Saturday August 2, 2014 at Zooma Chicago use coupon code CAMB10 for 10% off the half or 10k registration. I’ll be running the half.


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One Response to Ultima Replenisher: Electrolyte Powder Review

  1. My favorite is the orange!

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