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Frustrating Garmin User Error

Last week I set out on my first prescribed tempo run.  I started out on this 6 mile journey at a fairly slow pace for my warm up mile. I had been playing pace leader on my long run the past Sunday so my Garmin was … Continue reading

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2014 Chicago Marathon Charity

It is no secret that I’m running the Chicago Marathon this year. I had such an amazing experience last year that I didn’t want to leave it up to chance that I would get to run it again this year. … Continue reading

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I’ve got myself a running coach!

After deciding that I’m only going to run 3 days a week this marathon training season I realized that my runs need a real purpose. I can no longer just head out for run without a plan. A while back … Continue reading

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Discovering a New Trail

My daughter is taking a Wall Climbing 101 class that started today.  It is only an hour long class, which hardly gives me any time to get things done while she is there.  My plan was to take along my … Continue reading

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Your Lucky Day: ZOOMA Chicago Coupon Code

  The Un-13th Weekend Sale Who says that Friday the 13th is bad luck?  Today I’ve got some great news.  Sometimes it pays to procrastinate. If you’ve been thinking about running ZOOMA Chicago 10K or half marathon and haven’t pulled … Continue reading

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Marathon Training: What’s gonna change this time around?

This week is the official start of my Chicago Marathon training. After running three marathons last year I have gained important insight on how I want to train differently this time around. For starters, I will not run 3 marathons … Continue reading

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Esprit de She Naperville Sprint Triathlon Recap

I was puke-worthy nervous about doing my first triathlon, Esprit de She Naperville. I’m always anxious about doing new things in new places, but this was especially terrifying to me. Now that I’ve gotten through the race I can honestly … Continue reading

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