Race Anxiety


My list. Am I forgetting anything?

I HATE packing for trips. I’m quickly becoming aware that prepping for a triathlon is a bit too much like packing for a vacation. Only when I get to my triathlon I can’t go to the nearest Target and buy what I forgot. This fact makes packing my tri bag a level higher on my anxiety scale than packing my bag for a vacation.

In situations like this I wish I could be laid back and go with the flow, but instead I fall back on my usual strategies to help stay as even keeled as possible . First, I do my research. I read blogs for advice, ask my experienced friends and chat on Twitter/FB to gather all the tips I can.

Then I ask myself, what’s the worst that can happen if I forget something? I play a little game of worst case scenario and it helps me realize that even the worst case is not going to kill me. I will come out the other side alive.


The pile up pre pre-organization

I also prepare like a crazy person as much in advance as possible. I think through step by step what I will need and then I make a list. I lay out everything on my dresser and highlight (so I can still read the list when I double and triple check) the items that are waiting to be packed.

Finally I get everything I can ready the night before. I’ll get my bike on the car, pump up my tires, pack my tri bag and set out my breakfast items.

I hope to have everything ready by 6pm tonight so I can go out for a bite to eat with my husband and take an evening stroll around our local outdoor mall in search for a dress for my friend’s wedding next month. I’ll take my usual race eve sleeping pill 8 hours before my planned wake up time and crawl in bed fairly early with an episode of Orange Is The New Black (Woo hoo! Season 2 BTW).

The best laid plans people, the best laid plans. I’m super excited and extremely nervous. I haven’t felt this much pre race excitement since my first 5k! Wish me luck…

My practice transition

My practice transition

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  1. Good luck! Can’t wait to hear about it!

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