Your Lucky Day: ZOOMA Chicago Coupon Code


ZOOMA-logos-CHIThe Un-13th Weekend Sale

Who says that Friday the 13th is bad luck?  Today I’ve got some great news.  Sometimes it pays to procrastinate. If you’ve been thinking about running ZOOMA Chicago 10K or half marathon and haven’t pulled the trigger yet then now is the time.  It’s your lucky day!

You know you want to join me on Saturday August 2, 2014  on the Chicago lakefront for an awesome race.  I’d love for you to run ZOOMA Chicago along side me. And why not?  From June 13- June 16 you can get $20 off the 10K and $30 off the half marathon.  Hey, why not talk your best running friend into joining you too?  You’ve got 3 days to convince her.  Use the coupon codes below to get your discount.

ANNE10K for $20 off the 10K

ANNEHALF for $30 off the half marathon






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