Discovering a New Trail

20140617-095729-35849806.jpgMy daughter is taking a Wall Climbing 101 class that started today.  It is only an hour long class, which hardly gives me any time to get things done while she is there.  My plan was to take along my computer and go somewhere to get some work done.  I didn’t want to go to Starbucks because I’d feel like I’d have to buy a drink and I already had my coffee/protein drink this morning, so I decided to go to a nearby park and work on my computer at a picnic table. It was then that I noticed a new trail.  How did I not know about this place? It’s a mere 5 minute drive from my home.

20140617-095734-35854458.jpgGood thing I was already dressed in workout clothes and shoes from this morning’s bootcamp class because I was able to abandon my computer work and head out on the trail to explore. I had to force myself to walk since I am sticking to only running 3 days/week during marathon training. The path is under 2 miles of trail, so I had plenty of time to check it all out.

20140617-095733-35853882.jpgThe path is a T shape, so I was able to do both out and backs. One of the paths lead to a park with a drinking fountain and bathrooms, which is always a plus for anyone going out on a run.  The entire trail is very well shaded under the forestry.  I was super pretty looking out at the trees as the sun shone through. I enjoyed the walk.  It gave me time to think and chill out.  It was therapeutic in a very different way than running.  I am looking forward to more of these trail walks, which I will take advantage of while my daughter is climbing walls.

Have you discovered any great trails lately?

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2 Responses to Discovering a New Trail

  1. Awesome! New running scenery is the best! Also like how u limit yourself to 3 runs a week. Me too. I used to streak, havent had ANY injuries since i cut down to 3 and walk dog other days!

    • Anne says:

      I am hoping this 3 days a week limit is the key. I had to taper due to an injury for 7 weeks pre marathon last year. I don’t want to do that again.

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