I’ve got myself a running coach!

IMG_5651After deciding that I’m only going to run 3 days a week this marathon training season I realized that my runs need a real purpose. I can no longer just head out for run without a plan. A while back I read the book Run Less Run Faster and thought that this idea of only running 3 days a week might be the way to go. I’m aiming to stay injury free and I know my body does well with less running than the usual marathon training plans call for.

Put simply, the idea of the Run Less Run Faster philosophy is that you run 3 times a week and each run has a definite purpose and consists of one tempo, one speed work and one long run. Last week I started to loosely follow another training plan trying to alter it to this philosophy. After posting one of my workouts on my Facebook page my friend Amanda questioned my choice of workout. Now Amanda is a passionate athlete and coach who as my friend has given me exceptional advice. She has also been able to make amazing predictions about my race outcomes. She’s got confidence in me, maybe even more than I do in myself. It was then that I realized I could use her help more formally.

I’m happy to say that Amanda has agreed to coach me through my Chicago Marathon training.  I have been presented with this week’s runs and I am committed to do my very best.  My main goal is to PR, maybe shave off a couple of minutes from last year’s time.   However, Amanda thinks I could make a loftier goal.  We shall see…

Have you ever used a running coach?  What was your experience?


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8 Responses to I’ve got myself a running coach!

  1. Kristin says:

    Yaaaay to a running coach!!! That’s great!!! I know you’ll PR!!! You’re fabulous and work hard!!!

  2. Way to go about the coach! I have one too and she is great!! So what goal does Amanda think you should make?

  3. Training for my first half. I’m using run/walk method and adding .50 to 1 mile per week to long run. I’ve considered a coach or at least a formal program… Hmmm food for thought! Excited to hear how this improves your experience!!

    • Anne says:

      So far it is making me push myself harder than I would on my own. I think Amanda believes I can do it, so I better do it and report back with my successful results! It’s only been a week though.

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