Finding a Protein Powder

IMG_5815A little over a month ago I decided that I wanted to begin adding more protein into my diet. I read that higher protein diets help you to stay more satiated throughout the day and helps aid muscle recovery. Since I have been concentrating on building more muscle lately I thought I couldn’t go wrong adding more protein into my diet.

This is when things got a little more complicated. The easiest way to add more protein is by using protein powder. As I researched I found out that there are tons of protein powders on the market. I wasn’t interested in just any protein powder. I needed one as clean as I could find. I didn’t want to add junk and protein I to my diet, just protein. Here were my parameters.

  • A whey protein isolate because it is quickly absorbed into the body to be used in muscle recovery.
  • No artificial sweeteners or added sugar. I was okay with stevia extract.
  • No soy proteins
  • Organic if possible, derived from grass fed cows, not treated with antibiotics or rBGH
  • The cost had to be reasonable since I’d be using it everyday.

After Googling clean whey protein powders I came across this article. I looked deeply into each powder mentioned in the article. I went to each manufacturer’s website and checked out the labels and read numerous reviews. I finally decided which powder I was going to try.

I ended up ordering the  Blue Bonet Whey Protein Isolate from Amazon. I chose the original flavor because reviewers said this was better and more flavorful than their French Vanilla variety.  This protein powder met all of my parameters except it isn’t organic.  I’d say 4 out of 5 is not bad.

IMG_5999I’ve been using the protein powder  for over a month. It is not one bit gritty, which seemed to be a common complaint people had about other powders.  It doesn’t have a strong taste at all, which I prefer.  I can add it to just about anything and it doesn’t alter the taste.  I’ve been adding it to my iced coffee/almond milk/stevia each morning.  It’s nice that I can drink my coffee and protein powder all in one drink.  I wasn’t about to add another drink to my routine.  “Ain’t nobody got time for that!”

Do you use a protein powder?  Which brand and why?   

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One Response to Finding a Protein Powder

  1. I use Recoverite by Hammer Nutrition.

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