Taper Madness

IMG_6465I made it though the thick of marathon training!  This is the third training cycle (4th marathon) that I’ve attempted.  It’s the first time that I haven’t had some sort of injury holding me back.  My goal this time was to get to the marathon strong and healthy.  I made a few changes, like only running three days a week, that helped me accomplish my goal.  Having a running coach (Amanda) has been the biggest change. I pushed myself when I was told and rested when it was prescribed.  Amanda has never steered me wrong.  She had confidence in me before I had any in myself.  She’s been there to talk me off the ledge when self doubt set in.  I trust that she has done the best for me.  I have learned a lot about what I can/cannot and should/should not do in order to train efficiently. I am ready.

I have made it to taper madness.  I am going to make the most of the lower milage weeks ahead and use the extra time for some self care.  My taper plans include a visit or two with my genius chiropractor, a sports massage and a pedicure (for the 9 toenails I still have left). Is there anything I’m forgetting?

I know some people get really antsy during taper time because they are forced to do a bit more resting than they are used to.  I however am going to embrace the lower milage easy runs, the shorter speed work and the extra time to relax and pamper myself.

How do you feel about the taper? 

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One Response to Taper Madness

  1. Looks like you are going to do great next weekend!

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