Enjoying my “off season”

I am definitely enjoying my running off season this year. I’ve ditched my watch and I’m loving the freedom it’s given me. No more speed work or runs with a specific purpose. I’m running to run. I’ve also started hitting my cross training hard, which translates into less running days. Now I mostly fit in 2 runs a week. One longer run (6-10 miles) and one on the treadmill where I enjoy watching shows on my iPad. If I run more than those two times it’s rare.

My cross training includes vinyasa yoga, Bikram yoga, boot camp (circuit training) and lots of Piyo (I joined a beachbody challenge group with a friend of mine.) I’ve also been concentrating on maintaining a clean diet along with upping my protein intake in hopes of seeing some muscle definition.

My ideal would be to get some guns and a six pack, but it takes extreme commitment with both the diet and exercise. And don’t forget it’s holiday time too. I made it through Thanksgiving this year without gaining so that’s an accomplishment. Now I need to power through Christmas and New Year. Don’t get me wrong I will enjoy lots of holiday treats, but I will not over do it and let it set me back.

How are you planning on keeping your diet and exercise in check through the holiday season? Or do you give yourself a break and indulge?

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One Response to Enjoying my “off season”

  1. Jason says:

    How are the guns and six pack coming along? 🙂

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