Self care Saturday

  Let me start by saying that I’m a huge advocate for self care. Having to deal with anxiety/depression for some time now I’ve learned the hard way that at some point you need to take a break from your usual stressors. 

At first I found it hard to let go of my responsibilities (family and home) and take some time for myself. I always wanted to be in charge of everything. I never wanted to relinquish responsibility to anyone else. I couldn’t accept help for fear that no one could do anything as well as I could. Let me break it to you here. It will all be there when you get back and yes someone else can take over while you’re away. I promise things will it fall apart.

  When I was in therapy while struggling with postpartum depression a few years back my therapist suggested I practice self care. Somehow a therapist prescribing it gave me legitimate permission to try it out. That it must be ok. I started slowly by going out shopping alone, even if it was just to run a necessary errand. I’d get some time alone to listen to a podcast or wander aimlessly through Target while kidless. 

Practice makes perfect. Now I’m a master. I take time every day to workout by either getting up early or waiting until the kids are in bed to fit it into my day.  Occasionallly I go out on dates with my husband, meet a friend for dinner/movie or get a pedicure. The possibilities are endless.  You must not feel guilty about needing a break so you can be the best “you” possible.

Now that it’s summer and I do not have to go to work I’m much more laid back. I’ve got plenty of time to fit in my selfcare. I’ve strategically set up my girls’ summer activities so I can use that time to for “me” time. When they have swim lessons I swim laps in the other pool at the gym. While they’re at tennis I go for a run or sit at a picnic table and write a blog post. And as a seasonal bonus (my in laws are snow birds) on Saturday mornings my in-laws take the girls for a few hours. I use that time to go to yoga and run quick errands.

I know I’ve got it good with a supportive husband and generous grand parents on both sides. I’ve also got an awesome neighbor/best friend who trades babysitting with me so we can each have time to get things done. Not sure what I would do without my amazing support system.

Do you take time for selfcare? How often? How do you spend your “me” time?

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5 Responses to Self care Saturday

  1. Self-care=a better you. An equation worth incorporating. Thanks for the post.

  2. Jessica says:

    I needed this reminder today. I used to be extremely good (too good?) at self care – that has been sorely lacking lately, between starting a new career / business, a second child, etc… I’ve gained weight, am not getting enough exercise, and my eating has fallen apart. The last two days I’ve talked myself into salads and just making that healthy choice has helped immensely – now I need to gift myself the TIME to get some exercise.

    • Anne says:

      Yes, time is a gift. If you can get some extra support, take it! Or force yourself to get up early. The first few times it seems terrible, but then it becomes a habit you can live with.

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