My manic wall color mistake



When I had one of my manic (for lack of a better word) episodes a few months ago I became set on redecorating my bedroom.  I really wanted (still do) my kitchen completely gutted, but because that will never happen, due to the million dollars it will cost, I concentrated all my efforts on making my bedroom a nice place to be.

I spent a lot of time on Pinterest and shopping online to try and find the perfect bedding, rug, curtains, wall color etc.  I also went out shopping one evening with every intention of buying EVERYTHING I needed to transform my room.  I ended up buying a lot of things that I ended up returning after getting them home and realizing  they didn’t look right in the room.  It took me a few shopping trips to get exactly what I wanted.


My Dad painting the room

Eventually, I bought the paint and arranged for my dad to paint the room.  I chose an aqua color.  Previously my room was a taupe/brown color and I wanted all the brown out of my room.  I thought the blue color would brighten things up a bit.


My husband’s opinion

Once the room was painted (it took 2 coats and 2 days) it was apparent that I had made the wrong choice.  I was trying to make myself like it, but my husband did not hold his opinion back.  He hated it and was very open about hating it.  He thought it looked like we were under the sea.  He even made these decorations to go with the theme.  Then later my daughter checked out the book Aqualicious from the library and the inside cover of the book matched our bedroom wall color perfectly.  The jokes kept coming.



Now I’m in the process of figuring out what color to repaint the room.  I’m thinking a neutral shade of grey will be best.  However, I will be painting it myself because how can I possibly ask my 70 year old dad to do it again?

Have you ever made a wall color mistake?  How long did you have to deal with it before repainting it?


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