Self Care Saturday (2)

Let’s take a look at what I did this past week to take care of myself. I thought I’d try to make this a regular weekly post since you know, therapist prescribed. Check out my original post from last week to find out why I’m a huge advocate for self care.

My computer and I made a stop at Starbucks for a venti, sugar free hazelnut, cafee misto with coconut milk. Oh my god, how much do I hate ordering at Starbucks? My list of wants is so long and I never know what ingredient to say in what order. And when all was said and done I forgot to say that I wanted it iced. Oh well, the caffeine is most important and that goes without saying, thank god. My youngest was at the in-laws and I was able to use the hour that my oldest was at her theater class to sit down drink my coffee and quickly write a race recap.

IMG_5957I’m taking advantage of my husband’s work schedule being a bit lighter in June.  He doesn’t start teaching his summer school class until July.   We all slept in and  he took the kids to tennis.  I went for a run later in the morning while while the girls were at their lesson.  I “treated” myself to some 400 repeats.  I wanted to see how this workout compared to last year’s and the results were not too shabby.  I’ve been doubting my ability to get back into the shape I was in this time last year.  Today’s speed work gave me a little bit of hope that I am capable.  Sub 4 hour marathon here I come.

IMG_6354On Wednesday and Friday I slept in again. Since these classes were not at my usual times  I was lucky to experience two different teachers.  The first was my favorite kind of yoga teacher.  She offered assists and at the end of class used essential oils and gave a light neck/shoulder massage (I’m surprised I didn’t gross her out with my sweatiness).  She also waved a cold breeze my way while I was laying in savasana.   The second teacher was also excellent. The poses she called  were different than I am used to and her sequences were new to me as well. These classes were a great way to spend some time with myself and at the same time get a good workout.

What have you done for yourself this week?



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