Three Things Thursday 

  1. I missed a self care Saturday post. I guess this means I’m no good at this routine blogging thing. Oops. In case you’re  wondering what l I did to take care of myself last week I took a lot of walks.  Some solo and some with my dog Flapjack. I even walked to the library to return some books.
2. I’m not feeling confident that I will run a sub 4 hour Chicago Marathon. My runs have not been coached prescribed like they were last year.  I’m not even close to accomplishing what I did this time last year.  Running fast is just not happening. And I’m sure that I’m not even putting in the proper work that is required for such a lofty goal.

3. I started lifting again. I got side tracked when I got the flu back in April and haven’t lifted since. Two weeks ago I started following the 5×5 strong lifts program. My husband and friend both had this program work for them. I’m hoping the squats and deadlifts will create legs of steel that will come in handy for the last 6-10 miles of my upcoming marathon.

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6 Responses to Three Things Thursday 

  1. Walks-great cross training, good for the soul and puppy Flapjack.

  2. Hang in there! Try not to compare your “This Year” self to “Last Year” self. In my experience, I find these two selves are often two very different people:) Keep walking, lifting, and running with joy!

  3. EnterGhana says:

    Wow like thats a really nice dog u know.. whats its name?

  4. Stephan says:

    Still running? I looked for more recent posts, but it seems this is where it stops. You should write, even if you do not run. 🙂

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